How to Get 60 PDUs for Free and Retain PMP Certification

Project Management Professional (PMP)® certified professionals must renew their qualifications every three years. During these three years, PMP® certified professionals must have earned sixty PDUs.

There are various questions about How to Earn 60 PDUs for PMP® certification, such as how to acquire sixty PMP® PDUs. Is it a costly affair, and so on?
Following the December 2021 CCR modifications, earning PMP® PDUs became simple and flexible. And you may select them based on your interests and the necessities of your career.

The current article will concentrate on Getting 60 PDUs for PMP Renewal and Maintain Your PMP® Certificate.

Here are a few critical elements to remember regarding the PMI PDU process:

  • According to the PMI’s CCR, you must obtain at least 35 PDUs in Education, and the good news is that you may acquire all sixty PDUs in any educational area.
  • PDUs gained in the education category correspond to the three components of the Talent Triangle. These are the abilities required for project management success.
  • If your PDU learning activities are related to Team Development, you will be able to achieve the project goal. You must categorise them as “Leadership.”
  • If these are part of the process, tools, and strategies for aligning the project with the strategic aim, they must be mapped to the “Strategic” category.
  • If your learning activities are tasks from the PMP® test topic outline, map them in the “Technical” category.
  • You may earn one PMI PDU for every hour you spend learning about PDUs.Now for the simple and popular methods of earning your sixty PDUs:
  •  Books are my best companions, and Reading should be your favourite category. We must acquire all sixty PDUs through reading books. Enjoy acquiring new abilities; you might create a reading list in project management, leadership, and strategic business management.
  • Blogs on gaining Technical, Strategic, and Leadership PDUs will provide you with a few book suggestions to help you earn PMI PDUs.
  • Videos The next choice is to watch videos in the Talent Triangle locations.
  • Courses from ATP: You may also earn PDUs by participating in ATP-organized activities or enrolling in online courses. It is preferred while preparing for your next certificate. If you want to pursue PMI-ACP® or PMI-PBA® certification after your PMP® certification, these might be excellent chances to earn PDUs. CSM, CSPO, SAFe Agilist, and other programmes also provide PDUs.

PDU Top tips for People Who Aren’t in a Rush

  • Most of you will fall within this group, and I feel that persons in this category should not spend money on PDUs to learn; they can attend training to learn, but not for PDUs.
  • Subscribing to our YouTube channel is free. Watch Project Management videos and earn PDUs under the Category Online or Digital Media.
  • Because you are not in a rush, you will also receive eight PDUs in the Category ‘Work as a Practitioner’ for three years of Project Management experience.
  • Attend Webinars regularly to earn PDUs in the Category ‘Online and Digital Media.’ 
  • Write a blog for a community (and consider writing for us) and claim PDUs under the ‘Create Content’ category.
  • Participate in Chapter activities or other conferences. The event organisers will provide you with an Activity code that you may use to claim PDUs under ‘Course or Training.’
  • Read project management-related books and claim PDUs under Category ‘Read.’

PDU hints for those who have previously been suspended
This part of the guidance is for persons who have not updated their PMP® certification after the three-year cycle. In addition, one year of suspension is required. Usually, the awareness comes late, when the suspension is already imminent. Keep an eye on the following:

  • Subscribing to our YouTube channel is free. Watch Project Management videos and earn PDUs under ‘Online or Digital Media.’  You can complete most of the PDUs from our YouTube channel.
  • You are most likely a busy project manager, so I failed to renew my PMP® certification, therefore claiming eight PDUs from the Category ‘Work as a Practitioner’ for three years working as the Project Manager.
  • If you still need PDUs, consider the previous three years. Have you attended any project management training? If so, claim it in the ‘Course or Training’ section. REPs do not always organise all training regimens. Even if a third party organises these programmes, you can still claim your PDUs by giving the course description and name.

This article has adequately answered all of your questions on ‘How to Earn 60 PDUs and Maintain Your PMP® Certification During Your Professional Career Without Spending a Lot of Money.’