The adoption of electronic medical records by physicians 

As there has been a rise in technology, things have become easier not just at a personal level but on business as well. In order to improve the quality of medical care, the electronic medical record (EMR) is considered a critical tool of information and communication technology.

It can also be understood as a computerized collection of patient information in a digital format. However, the purpose of this information is to explore how electronic medical records have been adopted by physicians.

The importance of electronic medical records for physicians!

By using the electronic prescription software, physicians are benefitting in many ways which has somehow led to the increasing popularity of this technology. Some of the benefits that it comes with include

  • Low chances of errors

Everyone is aware of how difficult it is to read a physician’s handwriting.

While on the other hand, computerized notes through e-prescribing software are typically easier to understand.

This lowers the chances of errors and misinterpretations, which can have an influence on patient care quality.

  • Improved convenience and efficiency :

With the usage of the Best E-Prescribing Software, there is improved convenience and efficiency seen.

Physicians no longer have to waste time searching and going through clumsy paper records.

All they need to do is make a few taps on the keyboard and get access to the EHR system easily.

  • Everyone has the access

When any clinic or physician uses the ERM system, access is offered to the other staff as well. This helps all the authorized members of the healthcare team to have access to the records of the patients.

  • Needs no physical storage

When it comes to maintaining traditional paper records, you need cupboards, cabinets, or a whole storage room to keep the records secure.

But when it comes to Electronic Prescription Software, all such problems can be eliminated in a go.

This means there is no need for large file cabinets or rooms in the office to store the medical records, files, and other equipment.

The challenges that the physicians may face in adopting EMR

Like two sides of the coin, there are definitely some disadvantages of the EMR which hold physicians back from using it. These drawbacks of e-prescribing software include

  • Security can be hampered

Talking about the traditional medical records files, they can easily get lost or damaged at times.

While the electronic prescription software like almost every other computer network these days is prone to cyber-attack risks.

This means there is always a chance of the patient’s important data getting hampered easily or reaching anyone that it is not supposed to.

  • Missing information

It is unarguably true that electronic health records are instantaneous in nature. They need to be updated instantly after each patient visit or whenever the information is required to change.

There may be times when a physician may get stuck into a particular task and end up forgetting to update the information.

This can further lead to erroneous data which can cause inappropriate treatment of the patient and hamper the quality of care.

  • Data loss risk

In case the EMR is not backed up and any technical error takes place, then there is always a chance of losing all the data.

However, this problem can be easily eliminated if one counts on a reliable service provider like Purpledocs which offers 24 x 7 customer support and special assistance during times of emergence.

  • Frustration in workflow

Physicians may experience frustration in the workflow which includes having to enter lesser-used medication or treatment which might not be a part of the standard selection process.

There may be limitations that sharing a patient’s record with someone who does not use the EMR system can cause. This can somehow increase stress, chances of potential errors, or confusion among colleagues.

Choose the right type of EMR for your practice !!

The advantages that electronic prescription software comes with outweigh any disadvantages it holds.

Just make sure to choose the right type of EMR platform like Purpledocs which offers the best e-prescribing software. They make healthcare data secure, analyzing, and accessible to every healthcare stakeholder with minimal effort.

On the other hand, they also help in improving the patient’s care and optimize the workflow in every way.