13 Tips to Prepare for Essay for UPSC

  • Take a look at a number of excellent pieces and writings. This will provide you with an idea of what is a quality Essay for UPSC. You can simply take the help from the newspaper’s editorial section.
  • Develop a habit of reading the daily editorials in newspapers. Essay questions are frequently made from news stories.
  • Note down any relevant quotations or lines that you can incorporate into your essay. You can use these lines or quotes when you read newspapers or books.
  • You should have a great collection of closing and opening lines.
  • Create a document on general subjects like women, education, development healthcare, internet science, technology, etc. Your materials should contain quotations and case studies, as well as examples of government initiatives, etc. This will help when writing your essay. However, be careful about writing everything that you’ve written. It is important to refine your essay in line with the subject matter and not according to the outline you’ve prepared.
  • Make sure you focus on actual examples rather than theological language. While many topics might appear to be theoretical, you need to compose relevant, current and current-day information on your paper. For example, on the case of “Can capitalism lead to the growth of all?” (UPSC Mains Exam 2015) it is not necessary to discuss the entire history of capitalism. Instead, focus on recent events and concentrate on “inclusive growth”.
  • Also, even if the essay topic is philosophical however, your essay should not be written in a philosophical way. It must be correct and relevant.
  • It is important to look at the subject from multiple angles such as social, political environmental, historical and ethical, for instance.
  • Start practicing writing essays during the time you are preparing. You should also get feedback on your essays from your teachers, mentors, or senior students. You can join EDEN IAS Essay Writing Test Series too. Here you will get good mentors’, who are easily accessible and ready to help you at all stages.

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  • The essay you write should contain the introduction and body, and conclusion.
  • Avoid giving excessively aggressive or unbalanced arguments in your essay, regardless of how passionate you feel about the subject.
  • Make sure your essay contains good flow, connectivity and needed facts and figures.
  • Most important thing is practice, practice and only practice.

Good Luck…Keep Writing!!!!