Har Ki Dun Trek – Trek In The Valley of God

Settled perfectly underneath the grand Har ki Dun slopes, the valley of the district has the state of a support and is one of the most fascinating spots and excellent spots in the Western Himalayan locale. The Har ki Dun valley is known for its massively expanded fauna and verdure and dazzling perspectives on the snow-covered piles of the Himalayas and subsequently there are a few motivations to do Har Ki Dun Trek in Uttarakhand.

A scope of regular environments including the morena edges, Alpine Meadows, and ice sheet bowls are a piece of this trek. Old villages and the Pine woods are a blowout for eyes. It is not difficult to detect the interesting fauna near the Puani Garaat, and you can track down Barasingha, wild pigs, and mountain bears, among other intriguing creatures in the district.

There is likewise a great deal of folklore, which is restrictive to the area and you will be following a similar path to paradise (through the Swargarohini mountain) that the Pandavas once followed for coming to paradise.

The following are 7 best justifications for why you ought to do the Har Ki Dun Trek, one of the most outstanding end of the week entryways in India and the world.

Antiquated Villages of India and Unique Mythology

The Har Ki Dun Trek has for you the most established towns and villas of India, some of which have a background marked by over 3000 years. The fundamental god adored around here of the Himalayas is Duryodhana, who is viewed as an abhorrent character of Mahabharat in different pieces of India and is viewed as a scalawag.

Legend says that an old champion by the name Bhog Dat lived in a similar Har ki Dun valley, and he was an ally of the Kauravas.

A Trek for All

The Har ki Dun trek is quite possibly the most famous treks of the locale and Himalaya. Along these lines you will observe that the courses of the trek are very distinct and exact. There are a few wooden extensions as the established interfacing structures that address and backing your excursion and trek.

The Har ki Dun trek likewise has probably the best ascensions with the goal that the more expert trekkers will likewise track down it appropriate to the point of checking out and makes me one of the top motivation to do Har ki Dun Trek

The Govind Wildlife Sanctuary

The Govind Pashu Vihar National Park or the Govind Wildlife Sanctuary is home to the Har Ki Dun Valley and district. Traversing an area of in excess of 950 square kilometers, the valley district, and moderated National Park has the absolute most excellent mountain pinnacles of the locale, including Bandar Poonch, Black Peacock, and Swarga Rohini.

The stature of the topographical designs of the area can be just about as low as 1400 metres and as high as 6300 metres. Alongside the varieties in rise, you will likewise observe adjustments in the rich fauna and verdure of the locale, which additionally incorporate the jeopardised species.

Expect to experience snow panther, mountain bears, serow, tahr, Musk deer, hairy vulture, the gold and the dark falcon, snowcock of the Himalayas, Trogo Pan, and bharal among other uncommon species. A portion of these creatures could be just found around here in the Himalayas and in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary.


One of the towns that you visit during your trek to Har Ki Dun valley, Osla is interesting and one of the most amazing vacation destinations by its own doing. Aside from being the main spot where Duryodhana is revered, Osla has likewise got various clothing types and outfits that decorate the occupants here.

The site is very remote and has an enormous topographical tallness too. The Indian government has minimal obstruction in Osla, as in numerous other remote spots and towns of India. Individuals and local areas here, in this way, have their own arrangement of rules and guidelines.

Camping areas

A trek towards Har ki Dun valley has probably the best camping areas for you. You can set up the shelters beneath the icy masses, or close to the sparkling waterways. Setting up camp at one of the most extraordinary and delightful areas of the world is a significant fascination.

One can likewise invest adequate energy towards distinguishing the spices and bushes of the area, some of which are additionally portrayed in Ayurveda. Aside from the mountains and greenery, you might likewise want to catch (in pictures) the bright birds and the excellent mountain pinnacles of the district.

Impermanent Isolation from Stressful and Bursting World

The Har Ki Dun Trek has been settled wonderfully essentially in the most profound of the mountains. You can respect the excellence of the Himalayas and Uttarakhand here. The path and district take you back on schedule, it is paramount and mind-blowing to offer heavenly perspectives.

Go into a daze while walking through the Glacier bowls, edges, delightful and intriguing Alpine knolls, and the thick and lavish green Pine timberlands.

You can de-stress yourself here and have one of the most essential unwinding encounters of your lifetime.


The organisation of the district will demand a little charge on your visit, as well as on the photography hardware including cameras that you convey.

Be that as it may, you want not to stress, our great picture takers at JustWravel got you covered. They will catch the best of normal displays and the social, imaginative, and verifiable parts of your Har ki Dun trek for you.